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Sharing my experiences: Podcast with Modern Woman

As you can see from my blogs, one of my real interests is in supporting women to progress and grow.

People often ask me why I became a coach working with women and on what basis I can be one. The simple answer is that I have stood in the same shoes as many women and now want to share my experiences with others. I worked in roles where I was often the only female in the room or where the culture was not supportive of women’s lives. For a large part of my working life I was also supporting a family and raising two children. So understanding the context is part of the benefits I bring to my clients.

One of the networks that I am proud to be part of is the Modern Woman platform. Modern Woman is a membership platform representing a cross-section of powerful womenfolk, from a diverse range of industries and backgrounds. They aim to support, inform and inspire women in business and the workplace, via podcasts, virtual panels and masterclasses, their mentorship/coaching programme (which I am part of), live events and exclusive meetups.

I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by their Founder Rosie Coxshaw and together we created this podcast.

In this episode I share my career and personal story as well as talking about practical advice and thoughts around leadership; how women and men tend to differ in how they lead; and how coaching can support women in the workplace. I hope you find the discussion interesting!

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Aug 02, 2022

Love this Susan - great words and great pictures


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